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Our Philosophy

Ecology – Economy – Equality 

Organic Agriculture

Buy Organic – it’s important. Packaging – avoid it ! Organic food, in bulk – bring your own container – cooking from scratch – we need more of that.

Fairest Trade

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? What the hell is a “living wage”? Trace your food from the farm. Know the date of harvest. Know the plant varietal and production methods. What is the political, legal and financial context? Let’s increase the farm labourer’s share of your purchase price, optimize the marketing route from field to kitchen, preserve freshness, and decease waste.

Transparency and Fair Share

 Fair is all about end to end transparency. Leave out a piece or two and things can get opaque pretty quick. There can be no exploitation where everyone involved can see, understand and appreciate all the financials involved in growing food and getting it on your table. Himalayan orthodox tea is special, with special flavours unique to the region. The labour involved in planting, tending, weeding, pruning and plucking must be properly remunerated. What are the mark-ups and profits between the plant nursery and your check-out basket?

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