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November 7, 2018
We’ll be opening our online shop early in 2019. Meanwhile, here’s our product lines summarized:

Our Products


  • Organic Muscatel Vintages from Darjeeling and Nepal, in fleeting seasonal availability.
  • An always available, finely honed line of 30 Organic Black, Green, Redbush, Honeybush and Herbal teas.


  • A line of 13 essential Organic Spices plus 2 key Blends, for home and foodservice kitchens everywhere.


  • Organic and Biodynamic Indian Vanilla Beans and Triple Strength Extract. Vital in all kitchens.


  • Kashmir Saffron. Another essential in every kitchen (no such thing as Organic Kashmir Saffron – yet !).

Floral Absolutes + Tibetan Incense

  • 11 Exquisite Floral Absolutes from India.
  • 5 Traditional Tibetan Incenses made in India.

Our Goal is always peak Quality, Flavour and Aroma.

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